Post-Processing Utilities

class TurbulenceAveragingPostProcessing

Post-processing to collect various types of statistics on flow fields.

This class implements Reynolds and Favre averaging as well as other useful quantities relevant to analyzing turbulent flows.

Currently supported:

  • Reynolds and Favre averaging of flow variables

  • TKE and stress computation

  • Vorticity, Q-criterion, lambda-ci calculation

Public Types

enum AveragingType

Type of time filter averaging applied.



Classic Nalu implementation (saw-tooth reset)


Moving exponential window averaging.

class DataProbePostProcessing
class SolutionNormPostProcessing
class SurfaceForceAndMomentAlgorithm : public sierra::nalu::Algorithm
class SurfaceForceAndMomentWallFunctionAlgorithm : public sierra::nalu::Algorithm